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Sheep have been trained to recognize the faces of celebrities, including former U.S. President Barack Obama, by University of Cambridge scientists who hope it may help with understanding neurodegenerative diseases.根据拒不接受训炼,绵羊如今早就能够辨识还包含老布什艾尔克·美国奥巴马以内的名人的脸孔。牛津大学的专家期待能进而来帮助了解神经系统退行性疾病。In a specially equipped pen, sheep were shown pictures of people on two computer screens, on one side would be an unknown person and on the other would be one of four celebrities.在一个有相近武器装备的护栏中,2个电脑显示屏都是会给绵羊展览人的照片,在其中一旁不是知名的人,而此外一旁则是四位名人中的一位。


The animal would receive a reward of food for choosing the photograph of the celebrity by breaking an infrared beam near the screen displaying it.这种绵羊能够根据撞击显示屏周边的红外感应设备,来随意选择名人的照片以获得食材的奖赏。If they chose the wrong photograph, a buzzer would sound and they would receive no reward.假如他们随意选择了不正确的照片,就不容易接到蜂鸣声,而且他们会得到 一切奖赏。The sheep eventually managed to identify the familiar face eight times out of every 10.最终,这种羊在均值每十次里边,有八次能成功辨识出有熟识的脸孔。The group of celebrities the sheep were trained to recognize included actors Emma Watson and Jake Gyllenhaal, BBC newsreader Fiona Bruce and Obama.作为训炼这种羊的辨别能力的名人,还包含了知名演员asri·沃特森、伊丽莎白斯旺·吉伦哈尔,BBC新闻网络主播菲奥娜·布鲁斯和美国奥巴马。

In addition to being shown images of the celebrities facing forward, scientists also tested the animals ability to recognize the faces in photographs taken from other angles.除开向这类动物展览名人的面部照片,专家还检测了他们辨识从别的视角拍摄的照片的能力。The animals success rate fell by around 15 percent when presented with the faces at a new angle, an amount researchers said was comparable to that seen when humans perform the task.科学研究工作人员称作,当这种面部以新的视角展现出时,这种动物的通过率不容易升高15%上下,这与人们顺利完成此项每日任务时的状况十分。